Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Things happen for a reason

I'm sure you hear this phrase a lot ... "things happen for a reason." I know I hear it a lot. Actually, I heard it in church recently. It was part of the priest's homily. "Things in life happen for a reason."

I do believe things happen for a reason. Sometimes that reason is easy to see. I remember a friend told me that he had planned to take a walk one evening. He didn't know why, but for some reason he kept stalling by doing little things around the house; things he could have done after his walk. As he finally was ready to leave the house and take a walk that fall evening, a car pulled into his driveway. The person who got out of the car was in bad shape and needed my friend's help.

It's easy to see that because my friend didn't take a walk earlier that evening, he was able to help someone who came to him in need. I see that.

For other things that happen in life, the reasons aren't so easy to see. Why did a 44-year-old husband and father of three die suddenly?

I'll never be able to understand the reason that had to happened. Never. Ever.

I can, however, see some positive things that have happened as a result of being widowed.
  • I have developed deep connections and strong friendships with other widows from across the country. These are amazing women who suffered their own tragedies. Regardless of how we became widowed, we experience so many similarities and some of the same challenges. There is a great comfort in having other people really understand what you're going through. They "get it." Had I not been widowed, I never would have met them
  • I traveled by myself across the country to attend an event in which I didn't know another soul. Attending Camp Widow was amazing and did so much to get me moving forward. It's a phenomenal and incredibly supportive community of people
  • I became closer with my girlfriends
  • I stopped putting off things for tomorrow. Rather than telling my kids we'll have to see a movie or go to Cedar Point "someday," we make plans to do those things together
  • I realized how short life is, so I've vowed to live fully
While I can't understand the reasons why some things in life happen, I am able to see many positive aspects of this new life of mine.

So, the journey continues ...